Shark Redlist Workshop


Ed is heading to Plymouth this week to attend the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) EU Chondrichthyes Redlist Workshop. Ed is the current  Co-Regional Vice Chair of the Northeast Atlantic Shark Specialist Group (SSG).

The SSG was established by the IUCN Species Survival Commission in 1991. The Group provides leadership for the conservation of threatened species and populations of all chondrichthyan fishes. Their aim is to secure the conservation, management and recovery of the world’s sharks, rays and chimaeras by mobilizing global technical and scientific expertise to provide the knowledge that enables action. There are 128 SSG members from 35 countries distributed among 12 ocean-region subgroups.

The IUCN Red List is the world’s most comprehensive inventory of the global status of plant and animal species and is the most extensively used system for gauging the extinction risk faced by species. This week’s workshop in Plymouth will bring together the NE Atlantic and Mediterranean subgroups and will focus on reassessing the status of all chondrichthyans in these regions.